In Wisconsin, firewood is an essential resource during the winter months. With temperatures dropping below freezing, firewood is necessary to keep homes warm and cozy. In rural areas of Racine and Kenosha counties, firewood may be the only source of heat making it vital during the colder months. Additionally, firewood is a renewable energy source that is both cost-effective and sustainable.

Cutting Edge Tree Service offers firewood using a variety of mixed hardwood (ash, maple, birch, apple, oak). All firewood is cut, split and seasoned to be ready for burning. Because Cutting Edge Tree Service obtains the wood locally, you can rest assured that all wood is environmentally safe to transport and burn.

The Firewood Process

Cutting, splitting, and seasoning firewood is an important part of ensuring a good burn. The first step is to cut the firewood into smaller pieces. This is typically done with a chainsaw, axe, or maul. After the firewood is cut into sections, it needs to be split into smaller pieces. This can be done with a splitting maul, wedge, or hydraulic splitter. Once the firewood is split, it needs to be seasoned. This is done by stacking the wood in a dry location and allowing it to sit for at least six months. During this time, the firewood will lose moisture, making it easier to burn. After the firewood is seasoned, it is ready to be burned in a fireplace or wood stove.

How to Purchase Firewood

A cord is a unit of measurement for firewood. It is equal to 128 cubic feet of wood, which is typically stacked in a 4-foot high by 8-foot long by 4-foot deep pile. Firewood cords are usually sold as a full or half cord. A full cord consists of a pile of wood that is 8-feet long, 4-feet high, and 4-feet deep, while a half cord is 4-feet long, 4-feet high, and 4-feet deep. 

Firewood is available from Cutting Edge Tree Service in quantities of a face cord, 2 face cord, or a full cord (3 face cords). 

Free Firewood Delivery

All orders of firewood include free delivery within a service area that covers South Milwaukee down to Pleasant Prairie out to Burlington and anywhere in between. Firewood is available for delivery 24/7. Cutting Edge Tree Service has 20+ years of experience in providing quality, seasoned hardwood for fireplace use.

The best way to place your firewood order is by calling Cutting Edge Tree Service directly. Once we're on the phone, we'll take it from there!